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Demo Questions

Question # 1
A developer is writing a new AWS Serverless Application Model (AWS SAM) template witha new AWS Lambda function The Lambda function runs complex code. The developerwants to test the Lambda function with more CPU power.What should the developer do to meet this requirement?

A. Increase the runtime engine version
B. Increase the timeout
C. Increase the number of Lambda layers.
D. Increase the memory

Question # 2
A company is migrating the content delivery network for its dynamic PHP website to AWSAn Amazon CloudFront web distribution is part of the new infrastructure The distributionhas the following cache behavior settings• Allowed HTTP Methods is set to GET HEAD• Viewer Protocol Policy is set to HTTP and HTTPSDevelopers test the solution and can reach the company’s website over HTTP and HTTPSHowever the developers are unable to log in to the previously working administration panelof the websiteWhich action will resolve this login issue?

A. Set Allowed HTTP Methods to GET, HEAD, OPTIONS
B. Set Viewer Protocol Policy to HTTPS Only
D. Set Viewer Protocol Policy to Redirect HTTP to HTTPS.

Question # 3
A company is adding items to an Amazon DynamoDB table from an AWS Lambda functionthat is written in Python A developer needs to implement a solution that inserts records inthe DynamoDB table and performs automatic retry when the insert failsWhich solution meets these requirements with MINIMUM code changes?

A. Configure the Python code to run the AWS CLI through shell to call the Putltemoperation
B. Call the Putltem operation from Python by using the DynamoDB HTTP API
C. Queue the items in AWS Glue, which will put them into the DynamoDB table
D. Use the AWS software development kit (SDK) for Python (boto3) to call the Putltemoperation

Question # 4
A company hosts a client-side web application for one of its subsidiaries on Amazon S3.The web application can be accessed through Amazon CloudFront from After a successful rollout, the company wants to host three moreclient-side web applications for its remaining subsidiaries on three separate S3 buckets.To achieve this goal, a developer moves all the common JavaScript files and web fonts to acentral S3 bucket that serves the web applications. However, during testing, the developernotices that the browser blocks the JavaScript files and web fonts.What should the developer do to prevent the browser from blocking the JavaScript files andweb fonts?

A. Create four access points that allow access to the central S3 bucket. Assign an accesspoint to each web application bucket.
B. Create a bucket policy that allows access to the central S3 bucket. Attach the bucketpolicy to the central S3 bucket.
C. Create a cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) configuration that allows access to thecentral S3 bucket. Add the CORS configuration to the central S3 bucket.
D. Create a Content-MD5 header that provides a message integrity check for the centralS3 bucket. insert the Content-MD5 header for each web application request.

Question # 5
A developer is creating an event handling system. To handle messages asynchronously,the developer created a standard Amazon SQS queue Quality assurance testing revealsthat some events were processed multiple times.What is the recommended way to ensure the events are not processed more than once?

A. Change long polling to short polling.
B. Use a FIFO queue and configure deduplication
C. Convert the standard SQS queue into a FIFO queue
D. Send the messages with message timers


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